Are there jews living in Venice?

There are jews who live in Venice all year round and jews who have their second apartment in Venice.

Where do the venetian jews live?

Venetian jews live all around the city: only few (2-3) families live in the Ghetto area.

What do the venetian jews do for living?

Venetian jews do all different kind of jobs, like in all the cities in the world: they are shopkeepers and lawyers, employees and dentists.

Are venetian jews religious?

Like in all jewish communities in the world, also in Venice there are more religious jews and less religious jews. In any case, thank G-d, it is always possible to celebrate the religious services.

Is there a rabbi in Venice?

The jewish community of Venice has always had a chief rabbi, a vice rabbi and an officiant.

Is there a jewish community in Venice?

In Venice there is a jewish community, and it is very active both on religious life and on iteration with the everyday life of the city.

Is there a jewish school in Venice?

In Venice there is a jewish school from nursery school to the age of 13 years old.

Are there shops where I can buy kosher food in Venice?

In Venice, in the Ghetto area, there are some shops where you can buy kosher products. Besides, there are also a restaurant, a pizzeria, a bakery, a buffet and an ice-cream shop.

Is there any service for jewish holidays?

On the occasion of every jewish holiday, the related religious services are celebrated. Besides, there are the weekly religious services on saturday, monday and thursday.

Are there any venetian jews who came back from the holocaust?

During the War, unfortunately, many jews have been deported also from Venice. On the contrary, other jews managed to take refuge in the country around Venice saving themselves and then, when the War finished, they came back and live in Venice.

Is there anti-semitism in Venice?

Compared to many other also italian cities, in Venice we do not file any anti-semitism episodes and it is possible to walk safely around Venice wearing the kipp.

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