The purpose of the desire to help who is looking for informations about jewish life in Venice, both religious and historical and touristic. If you have appreciated the effort in the building and maintenance of, maybe you would like to contribute.

Why to contribute to
Things do not improve by themselves. If touring Italy or the world you had the feeling that, sometimes, if you would have known something in advance it would have helped you after, so... this is the point. Share with other people your knowledge, your emotions, give your contribute, the purpose of Internet is exactly this. And you will see that things will get better.

What can be done? needs: Pictures of the Ghetto. nice, curious, uniques, banals, good, bad, all of them. Depositions, logs, advices, exciting experience, awful experience. At the end of your holidays, send us your log and some pictures. Informations. Did you discover a good news or a bad news? Let everyone know: send an email. Sponsor. If you want to promote your company, can advertise it on the web site. Results could be sensational. All the necessary informations on Advertise. Advertise. If you want to advertise on your website, you can do it. If you let us know about that, we will return the favour putting a link to your website on

What can I gain?
Enthusiasm and willing of improvement are not repaid by money, goods or services, but by something that is much more tasty: by satisfaction. Unfortunately, we can not afford to return your collaboration with something tangible, we are running at a loss. Nevertheless, sometimes, the reward can be unexpected. For example, running this website I met the wonderful woman who is now next to me in my life. I wish you all to take a little reward for the person of your life.

I am not able to, I do not feel like neither time, but I liked you; what can I do for you?
You can do something very simple but that we will appreciate a lot: click often on the links to our sponsors, on the right of all the pages and/or donate us 5 euros.